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2 posts from November 2013

November 26, 2013

Chef Derin Moore Brings Home the Gold


Chef Derin Moore
Chef Derin Moore of Performance Foodservice - Milton's

With all eyes focused on the Winter Olympics, Derin Moore can speak from experience about going for the gold – in the culinary world at least. Moore, 47 is a corporate chef/culinary consultant in Atlanta with Performance Foodservice. His team recently won the gold medal at The USA Culinary Cup Challenge Team Competition in Orlando, Florida. Eight teams competed from across the country to produce a winning four-course meal.


That competition was only one of many wins for Moore, who has represented the American Culinary Federation both in regional competitions (1992 to 1996), national competitions (1997 to 2000), and the 2000 international Culinary Olympics, with the ACF Culinary Team USA placing sixth in the event that’s held every four years.

The rigorous requirements to make the team are not for the faint-of-heart. Moore has the competitive spirit of any athlete, which means “training hard with the right people.” After he was selected for the national team, “I was on an airplane all over the U.S. training in different facilities.”

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November 12, 2013

The Vegetable “IT” List

TurnipWhen Norman Rockwell painted his iconic Thanksgiving portrait of the family gathered around a plump turkey, he couldn’t have imagined the holiday in the 21st century. There’s grandma bringing in the bird, all right, but over in the corner, the cousins are fighting over the Tuscan kale.

Vegetables, once a cheap way to stretch a meal, have come into their own. Once folks realized that you didn’t have to cook a vegetable until it was dead, they found out that a vegetable might actually taste good. From there it became a short hop, skip and jump from the gardens to the kitchen. Add in chefs, vegans, vegetarians and nutritionists and suddenly everyone has a new spin on his or her favorite vegetable dish.

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