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2 posts from January 2014

January 22, 2014

Theme Nights Chase Away The Slow Night Blues

OystersWhether it’s a three-course dinner featuring lobster or a dinner with a guest chef, restaurants are increasingly turning to unique themes to bring in customers during the off-nights of the week.

Tuesday, we’re looking at you.

Finding a theme that’s a match for the restaurant and its clientele – whether it’s a one-off, or a weekly special - can be a fun, creative process. Take the ever-popular restaurant week, which began in New York in 1992, and quickly spread to large and small cities across the country.

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January 2, 2014

A Chicken in Every Pot; A Tablet on Every Table?

When Applebee’s announced it had purchased 100,000 tablets for its restaurants, the news spread quicker than you could say “Wi-Fi.” It’s just one way the chain restaurants may rock the restaurant industry in 2014. The chains are known for their ability to make innovative and even expensive moves that often lead the way for others. “The chains have the capability to test things,” says restaurant consultant John Imbergamo, “They can try the idea at a Chili’s in Eugene, Oregon, and if it doesn’t work, they don’t bring the whole chain down. Chains can spread the risk among bigger numbers.”

In addition, the chains have the luxury of fine-tuning something until they get it right. Whereas the independent restaurants get feedback pretty much one customer at a time, “the chains can do it on a broader spectrum; they can get a broader look at whether or not something works.”

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