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January 7, 2019

Soups That Help Your Bottom Line

SoupLook at almost any menu and there’s likely to be at least one or two soups featured. Soup is a well-loved option and, besides being a comfort food, can be an endlessly fun exercise in different flavors and ingredients. With a little planning, soups can delight your diners and benefit your bottom line.

Restaurants produce a staggering amount of waste. Much of that waste is dollars out the door with nothing to show for the expenditure.

Chickens are a prime example. Buying whole chickens and breaking them down in house can produce a huge savings per pound over pre-portioned birds. However, they leave a healthy number of trimmings and parts like necks, backbones or wings that don’t always end up on plates.

The good news is those parts are seriously packed with flavors and can be the base for an amazing stock that can be used in all manner of soups and stews. Other parts sometimes left behind, like legs and thighs, help add meat to those dishes. Try roasting for chunk meat or slow braising for a pulled meat preparation like in a Brunswick Stew.

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