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May 8, 2019

Pork-Topped Pizza Pies

By Piet Jones

Pizza-toppings-1When it comes to pizza toppings, pepperoni is king. Yet, despite there being many options for pepperoni and it being a classic, it sometimes can be viewed as not very inventive. Today’s diners are looking for new adventures to tantalize their taste buds and pique interest in their Instagram snaps. For that, you might consider pork to top your pies.


The easy answer would be sausage, especially Italian sausage. It has good moisture content, plays well with other toppings (especially mushrooms and onions), and, like pepperoni, there are tons of options. From crumbles to slices, natural casings or not, hot or mild, there is plenty to choose from to help create the right flavor profile for your menu and price point.

Italian sausage can be a bit generic though. Most places have it, meaning it doesn’t necessarily stand out from the crowd. Making your own or choosing a purveyor that’s locally beloved can elevate it from the mundane, or you can select a sausage that’s out of the ordinary.

Chorizo is a good option—mainly flavored with paprika, it shares many of the same flavor profiles as pepperoni. There are both sweet and spicy chorizos so you can pick the right sausage to complement your pizza sauce.

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